Frutti Extra Bursaspor – OGM Ormanspor match result: 104-89

In the last match of the regular season in the ING Basketball Super League, Frutti Extra Bursaspor ended the season with a victory by beating OGM Ormanspor, which it hosted on its field, 104-89.

Frutti Extra Bursaspor hosted OGM Ormanspor in the 30th of ING Basketball Super League and the last week of the regular season. In the first period of the fight, which was quite scorer, both teams received mutual points, and the 5th minute passed with the 12-11 advantage of the guest team. Bursa representative pulled the score to 22-17 after Oğuz, Peters and Metin’s layups. However, in this episode, the Ankara representative, who resisted with Cevher, balanced the score with the last-second three-pointer of his experienced player, and the first period ended with a tie of 24-24.

Making a good start in the second period, the Bursa team was effective under the pot with Oğuz, and started to widen the gap with Metin’s scorer game. Bursa representative, who did not give his opponent an easy shot chance in this section by drawing a hard image especially in defense, increased the difference to 16 in the 16th minute after Peters’ free throw hits: 44-28. The host, who showed a comfortable game in the remaining minutes, went to the dressing room ahead 56-40.

Increasing the level of combat at the turn, the Ankara representative started to reduce the difference. After Holloway and Kloos’ baskets, the difference was down to 2 as the 25th minute was behind: 60-58. However, the Bursa team, which captured the rhythm of the game again with the outer shooting hits of Munford and Ender, carried the difference to double digits once again in a short time. With the resistance of OGM Ormanspor again, the last period was entered with the superiority of the host of 75-70.

Bursa representative, who held the dominance of the game in the last period of the fight, was relieved with Birkan’s external shooting hits. While Ender’s 37th minute was behind, the Bursa team, which passed the 100 threshold with the outer shot hit, continued its combative appearance in the remaining minutes and left the parquet with a 104-89 victory.

Frutti Extra Bursaspor thus finished the season with 13 wins and 17 losses. OGM Ormanspor finished the league in the last place with 6 wins and 22 losses. Ender Arslan, who ended his active basketball career in the Bursa team, played with 13 points.

HALL: Nilüfer TOFAŞ Sports Hall

REFEREES: Fatih Arslanoğlu, Serdar Ünal, Sinem Tetik

FRUTTİ EXTRA SCHOLARSHIP: Birkan Batuk 17, Lamar Anthony Peters 10, Marial Shayok 9, Oğuz Savaş 24, Stefan Bircevic 4, Xavier Munford 14, Ender Arslan 13, Metin Türen 8, Tevfik Akdamar 4, Mithat Can Özalp 1, Can Maxim Mutaf

OGM ORMANSPOR: Terrell Holloway 8, Elmedin Kikanovic 20, Kadir Bayram 4, Cevher Özer 15, Charlon Romano Kloof 17, Jamelle William Hagins 14, Efe Ergi Tırpancı 5, Mert Alemdar 3, Erol Can Zinc 3, Mehmet Yakar, Sinan Mertcan Gerhardt





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