Frutti Extra Cup excitement begins

Before the new season, Frutti Extra Cup excitement will be experienced in Bursa on September 15-18. A total of 6 teams will compete in the matches to be played at Barış Sports Hall, hosted by Frutti Extra Bursaspor.

In addition to Alba Berlin from Germany, Frutti Extra Bursaspor from Turkey, Darüşşafaka Tekfen, Aliağa Petkim, District 77 Yalovaspor and Yukatel Merkezefendi Municipality Denizli Basket teams will be on the court for the championship in the tournament.


Before the organization, a promotional launch was held at Barış Sports Hall. Noting that Barış Sports Hall has been allocated to Bursaspor Basketball Team for years and a new 4-year agreement has been signed, Frutti Extra Bursaspor President Sezer Sezgin thanked Nilüfer Mayor Turgay Erdem. President Sezgin stated that Barış Sports Hall is an exemplary hall for Europe.


Pointing out that Barış Sports Hall has become a good place in terms of sports activities with the infrastructure of Bursaspor Basketball A.Ş., Nilüfer Mayor Turgay Erdem said, “With this cooperation, we will train many athletes. Our vision includes ‘Nilüfer, the city of sports’. On the other hand, as Nilüfer Belediyespor, we compete in the Super League with women’s volleyball and men’s handball teams. Together with Bursaspor, we put up a good fight. We will continue this work in the future. Our halls and sports fields are always open to the people of Bursa and Bursaspor. I wish the Frutti Extra Cup competitions to be beneficial, and I invite everyone to watch.”


Uludag Beverage Turk A.S. Ömer Kızıl, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, also gave information about the Frutti Extra Cup.

Stating that the organization for which they organized the first one will continue in the coming years, Kızıl said, “Bursa will be more present in the national and international arena. 6 teams will compete in the tournament. Our first foreign team is the Euroleague team Alba Berlin. Bringing Alba Berlin is not easy. Sezer president talked to us; We started this business with the sponsorship of Frutti Extra. We talked to the CEO of Alba Berlin 2 years ago and met his team. We talked about projects. We talked about being a sister team. We talked to Bayern Munich, we started 2 years ago. There are 10 thousand children in Alba Berlin’s infrastructure. It has 162 schools, it has become an incredible basketball city. What we do in the future will add a lot to us. When investing with Frutti Extra; We became the Final Four sponsor of the Euroleague. A great promotion for Bursa, cities are known together with sports. We will promote Bursa more with basketball,” he said.


Expressing that the Frutti Extra Bursaspor – Alba Berlin fight and the Frutti Extra Cup final will also be broadcast live on a national channel, Kızıl said, “For a club to be sustainable, they have to have the right budget, they came here with very serious sacrifices. We started the transforming company combined project. Bursa is a very big city, there are textile and automotive sub-industry companies. In Bursa, we did not knock on anyone’s door and say to advertise to us. We have only one request from them, so far 15 companies have bought their tickets. We go to the company, buy a certain part of the employees. We will give these combinations to the employees alternately. We sold 44 percent of the corporate transformative combination we needed to sell. After the Frutti Extra Cup, we will go to 30 companies, maybe there will be no combined. Of course, we made room for ticket sales, 50 percent. Companies will no longer advertise, they will invest in their own employees. We have 24 matches, 15 leagues, 9 EuroCup. We continue to make innovations every day with the chairman of Sezer”.


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