Gayá: “Valencia has to be a very uncomfortable team, we are on our way”

Jose Luis Gayá faces its eighth season in the Valencia, thesecond as captain of the team and assures that he has returned with renewed illusions. After having lived two bad years, with changes of coach and sports crisis, the international side has already put the batteries after the Eurocup to start competing in just over a week in LaLiga. Pedreguer’s footballer applaud the arrival of Bordalás since he believes that the new technician will give character to the team and the defensive concepts that he has lost in the last two courses. “I already knew him [a Bordalás], it takes time too and me too, I had talked to him sometime and already I thought he was a very interesting coach, especially because of the way he transmits, by how their teams are doing. It’s what we have to do here, him he is transmitting his ideas to us, we are taking them and we have to continue working on them to start in the best possible way “.

Gayá explains that the nuevo coach is insisting that Valencia recover competitive values which has been left on the road just after the Centennial season (with the Cup title and the qualification for the Champions League). For the Valencia player, rebuilding the team goes through propping up the defense: “It’s what it’s all about, competing well, improving on the defensive side where last year and the previous one we received a lot of goals. We have to start from the defense and then the other will come because we have people with quality at the top. The most important is leave a clean sheet, start from defense, which is where we have a lot of room for improvement. ”

But international defense abounds in more details on rebuilding the equipment. It is not only a defensive question, but also to propose other things, to go for the games and make the matches uncomfortable for the rivals: “This is what the coach transmits to us, we have to improve in defense, not only in defense, but all the team, andn the pressure, we have to steal in the opposite half so there is less time to attack the rival goalWe have to be a very uncomfortable team and we are on the way to achieve it. It will be a tough season, sure, but we are very excited to do things well and to have a good year, which we are looking forward to. ”

Gayá became first captain of the team last summer after Parejo’s departure. It was not an easy course to debut, but he he feels just as proud, although the ambition is to improve: “It is a great luck to be able to continue being captain of this team, for me it is a pride to be captain of Valencia and to be able to represent this team wherever it may be. It’s my second year as captain and it’s about getting better, you don’t have to set any limits, we have to improve the previous season, we all know that. That’s what we are for, to start competing. Have a lot of desire and a lot of illusionLet’s hope so. “

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