Gaziantep Basketball Head Coach Tutku Açık evaluated the camp period

Tutku Açık, head coach of Gaziantep Basketball, one of the ING Basketball Super League teams, stated that the players worked devotedly in the camp and stated that he was satisfied with the progress.

Tutku Açık, head coach of the Southeast team, which continues its preparations for the new season in Bolu, made a statement to the team television.

Açık stated that new players were included in the team and said, “We set out with the aim of being able to fight at a very high level in defense and attack, on both sides of the field, which is suitable for high-paced play, in general terms. I know that we are at a certain level, even at a level where we can do what we want.” used the phrases.

Expressing that they had a productive camp period, Açık continued:

“We have spent two weeks so far. They have worked very devotedly during this time. In general, I am very pleased with the progress of the camp. We had minor injuries, but we are in the last days of our 12-day camp period. Technically and tactically, their attention was at a high level. Of course, the start of the season. The disadvantage of not playing together. “This camp period is obviously very important in terms of eliminating such problems. Therefore, we had a very productive period.”

Expressing that he misses playing basketball in front of the fans, Açık said, “The player is more motivated when there are fans. I hope we reach our goals together with our fans this year.” commented.


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