Gonzalo Villar: “When you play in other countries you don’t see so much and it was a good opportunity”


The Roma midfielder scored and was one of the best in Spain’s triumph against Slovenia in their European Under-21 debut

Gonzalo villar, scorer and one of the best players in the match in which Spain debuted in the European Under-21, he acknowledged after the match that he wanted to show his quality, since Spain may not be seen as much as other young players due to the fact that they play in the Italian league.

“I knew it is a good opportunity to show the confidence with which I am playing this year. When you play in other countries you don’t see so much and it was a good opportunity,” he said in Mediaset after the meeting.

Spain-Italy next Saturday: “I have teammates in Rome both from Spain -Borja Mayoral- and from Italy, who played in Europe and are always putting the ball with which Italy beat them, who ate them … it is a special match for me,” he commented.

The match against Slovenia: “You have to bear in mind that there are players who come from a different place and we have trained for a day and a half together; we knew it was going to be difficult. In the second half we understood better where the spaces were and we got the victory,” he explained .

The absolute: “For us it is a pride to see that our teammates are with the absolute. It is the dream and the goal of all of us who are in the sub 21. A place of passage that must be enjoyed and I look at it as a goal to make the leap “.

Press conference

Later, Gonzalo Villar went to a press conference, where he again spoke of his “ignorance” for the average Spanish fan.

Experience: “It is a bit difficult because we have all trained together one day and each one comes from a team, the first minutes are not easy, but after the break we understood what was the key to the game and we were even able to score a few more goals.”

Show yourself to Spanish football: “To this day there are many people in Spain who have not seen me play a single game, I understand that it is not seen how one or the games that I am doing in Rome play, I consider it to show my football and the confidence with which I I’m playing. I’m very happy about it. ”

Match against Italy: “It is very special for me, it is important, I have read that Tonali has been expelled and it is a shame because I was looking forward to that duel. It is special for me and for Brahim, but we have to rest and think about Saturday, which is very little”.

Prepared for comparisons: “It is true that when a player plays a good game, comparisons are sought that tend to be exaggerated. I am not worried about that, I need to rest well and enjoy a season in which things are going very well with my club and with the national team. “.

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