Gracia: “Guedes has been key, we trust that he will continue like this until the end of the season”

The coach values ​​the reaction capacity of Valencia, although he censures the lack of attention in Betis goals

Javi grace was satisfied by the draw of Valencia against him Betis, especially for the team reaction both times in which the Verdiblanco team took the lead. The Navarrese technician liked how their players overcame adversity to be seen below the scoreboard even though regretted the errors of concentration that led to the many locals: “We have once again given the rival an advantage due to lack of attention and concentration from set pieces. The game was even and in those details they have taken the lead twice. I think the team was not deserving of that result Negative In the second half we started to feel better, the transitions were good and we had real chances to score. We could have scored one more goal, really, although the rival also had his chances at the end. The penalty was to concede so much in a part in which the rival was not overwhelming us. But I would emphasize that the team in the face of adversity continues to overcome.

We have once again given the rival an advantage due to lack of attention and concentration from set pieces

Good game for Guedes, do you notice the coach’s hand?

Gonçalo is a great player and seeing him at that level makes us all happy. We trust you to follow him through to the end of the season. Today has been key for the play of the goal and for all the work he does for the team. He also participated in the penalty and in countless transitions. The credit goes entirely to him and his teammates. I hope you give the coach the merit that you consider. I try to help everyone feel good individually and improve collectively.

Piccini plays again and Cutrone comes out in the second half.

As the minutes passed, we needed a complementary player to Guedes, who was damaging space, and who was a reference. It was the moment and the opportunity for Cutrone. You have had a good few minutes. For Piccini I am happy for your participation, because every player who passes by long moments of inactivity it is positive that you have the reward of having minutes. All his teammates and the coaching staff are very happy and we have a player available. When Correia was injured he understood that it was not the time for Piccini to enter because so many minutes he did not see that it was good for him. Then he responded very well.

Convinced with the changes?

The players convince me from the daily work and their commitment. I don’t need them to play a good game to know that I can count on them. Today there were many circumstances and if we have joined in a field like this, it has been because of everyone’s attitude. Players like Carlos or Racic, like Correia, have had to leave due to injury and we have been adapting because of everyone’s good disposition. We could have taken all three points if we were a little more successful in some outing.

Party approach

I understand that every lineup I make is the best for that match, nothing more. As for the game system, we have opted for changes, because it is not the same to play with Yunus than with Wass in the band, for example. It is not the same to play at the top with Guedes and Maxi, than with Kang-in and Maxi … 1-4-4-2 has been the predominant system, but we have been alternating with others at specific moments.

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