Granada, under the curse of the Cesarini Zone

Three points, no victories to celebrate … The data speak of a bad start to competition for Granada, but those numbers could be very different, although for this the last minutes of each match would have to be eliminated, a final sprint in which those of Robert Moreno they have missed five points, a booty that would radically change the situation of the team.

After drawing against him Villarreal on the opening day, the grenade he already savored the triumph in his duel against him Valencia, in what would be an unbeatable start for the stage of Robert Moreno on the bench of Los Cármenes, but everything changed in the 88th minute, moment in which Carlos Soler did not miss a controversial penalty to sign the tables and truncate the first joy of the cuso for the rojiblancos.

Final frustration

After suffering the onslaught of the Betis during much of the meeting, and after the debacle in Vallecas, a point seemed like an acceptable reward for the people of Granada, but that last slope again condemned the Robert Moreno, what did you see how Channels it emerged in 89, taking the victory to Hispanic lands.

Granada once again caressed the victory at the Camp Nou, the feat was already on the front page of all sports newspapers when AraujoIn the 90th minute, he ruined all the work of the Andalusians, deprived again of the first victory of the course in the last breath.

If the sign of the matches had not changed in those final minutes, Granada would now have eight points, would be installed in the upper area of ​​the table and would approach the ten points harvested in the previous season by the team led by Diego Martinez, a scenario diametrically opposed to the current one.

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