Granada’s second unit deflates


Some of the less common footballers have not given the expected performance

Lcasualties and a mild League finale, with the goal of permanence achieved long ago, opened the door for players with fewer minutes throughout the course had the opportunity to claim, but most of them they have not managed to show their best version, missing the opportunity to convince Diego Martínez and the club of his worth.

With the Cup as the only showcase, Aarón has taken advantage of the minutes he has enjoyed in this final stretch of the League And despite the defeats, the goalkeeper has shown that he is ready to take the place of Rui Silva when the Portuguese leaves the Nasrid squad at the end of the season.

Things have been less brilliant in defense, one of the weak points this year at Granada. The absences have forced the Galician coach to turn to Nehuén and Adrián Marín, but neither the center-back nor the full-back have been at the expected level, generating doubts about his future, especially in the case of the Murcian, who signed in winter until 2023 and has played only 249 minutes.

More shadows than lights

The physical problems have been concentrated in this final sprint in the red-and-white spinal cord, but Diego Martínez has not found effective solutions from the bench. Vico, who has been a secondary since the beginning of the campaign, has not been able to take a step forward, going unnoticed in most of his appearances, just like Eteki, unable too. For its part, Sundays Quina, the other winter signing, has been deflating as the days go by, going from an explosive start to falling into oblivion.

Some light has offered in the second unit Alberto Soro. An injury left him in the dry dock, but after his reappearance he has returned to leave unbeatable sensations against Madrid and Alavés, running as a useful piece for the next course. Special mention deserves Jorge Molina. The forward has never been the first choice, though has managed to squeeze every minute on the grass until signing fifteen goals, giving an outstanding performance despite his 39 years.

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