Great block from Cesi Osman to Furkan Korkmaz!

The breathtaking struggle continues at full speed in the NBA, the world’s most prestigious basketball organization. In the matches played yesterday in the NBA, the teams of our representatives Cedi Osman and Furkan Korkmaz came face to face. While the Cleveland Cavaliers were defeated by the Philadelphia 76ers 94-114 at home, Cedi Osman’s pursuit block marked the night.

During the matches played last night in the NBA, Cedi Osman’s team Cleveland Cavaliers hosted Furkan Korkmaz’s team Philadelphia 76ers. Cedi Osman’s block was marked in the match, in which Cleveland was defeated 94-114. While Cedi Osman prevented Furkan Korkmaz from scoring in a suitable position, he left his mark on the night by making a follow-up block to his friend in the national team. Cedi Osman, who stayed on the field for 20 minutes; Playing with 1 block, 1 assist, 1 rebound and 6 point contribution; Furkan Korkmaz was in the game for 19 minutes and contributed 7 points, 3 assists and 1 rebound.

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