Griezmann: “Now the president will have his things and will make his moves”


The azulgrana regrets the mistakes made throughout the season and congratulates Atlético for the league title achieved

TOntoine Griezmann was the star of the match with that goal that defined the contest. The Frenchman lamented the mistakes the team made against the greats.

“We are still hurt, we failed in important games. Now we have to rest and see what things we can improve on to be a team that can win it all next year.”

His goal in Ipurua

“The important thing was to win and come out with a victory. I’m happy with the goal, but that’s it. I’m still disappointed in this League. We have to work and improve.”

Problems early in the game

“They know our game system and at times we have to change as in the second half. Sometimes they are our failures in passing and other times we fail upstairs. There is everything you have to want to work on and keep improving.”

Immediate future

“I have a selection like other colleagues, we will try to do our best. The president will have his things and will make his movements. I will continue working as these two years.”

Atlético de Madrid title

“Our image at the beginning of the season was not good. We had an almost perfect 2021. But we failed in the big games. We have to congratulate Atlético. I am very happy for them, for Cholo and Koke. The Atleti fans deserved this” .

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