Griezmann, three ‘breaths’ before meeting … Barça!

They have not been easy at all the first two games of Antoine Griezmann before his fans. While the whistle against Porto fell in decibels against Athletic The reality is that the Frenchman had to suffer the discomfort towards his return from his own fans for the third time this season (it had already happened to him against Getafe with the Barça shirt).

A situation that the French will try to start reversing after two games in which he was far from being the decisive player that is expected. He left details of his great class in both duels, but he was not completely comfortable in the green or when he came out as substitute, Porto, nor when did it from the beginning, Athletic.

Simeone: “People will demand Griezmann as they demand of us every day”

The calendar, yes, will give you three ‘breaks‘in the next 10 days when the rojiblancos chained three games in a row away from the Metropolitano. Three encounters that can help you play more relaxed, without the pressure of the stands, and thus starting to be as decisive as it was in the first stage.

Precisely the Getafe will be the first meeting where Griezmann will be released from that pressure. It will be Tuesday in a week that will end with Simeone’s men playing on Saturday in Vitoria against Alavés. The following Tuesday, to close the cycle, second day of Champions against Milan in the stadium of the Italians.

And Barça arrives

After the aforementioned matches, a special duel for The Little Prince. Barça arrives, his team until August 31, to the Metropolitan in an always special encounter as they are direct rivals. For the 8th it will mean his reunion with his exes and the return to a house that for the moment will give him three respite after a difficult week for a signing desired by Simeone, his main supporter.

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