Guedes at Valencia: from a top value of 80 million in January 2019 to less than half today

The Portuguese returns to give flashes in the final section, it is in the market and according to the valuation portal Cies it has lost more than 50% of its value after its three years almost ‘lost’

Feu, is and probably will be the most expensive player in the history of Valencia. Gonçalo Guedes. 40 million euros and bonuses for objectives achieved … which could rise to more than 50. A investment with risks for the economy of the black and white club that has not turned out as expected. In fact, the last three years have been in full decline. And evidently its value has been declining.

The data is very illuminating. Guedes was valued in May 2018, before playing the World Cup in Russia, at 74.4 million euros according to Cies Observatory, one of the most reliable platforms that rates footballers. And it maintained that value by inertia for six more months. In January 2019, its appraisal value reached the top: 80 million euros. The Highest price that a Valencia player has received so far. He was in full fervor. A great season 2017-18 at Valencia that he had risen to the top and expectations were very high before the World Cup.

His first big year in Valencia brought him to Russia in 2018 with the appraisal value through the roof and that inertia lasted six more months until it began to fall.

But from there the Portuguese has been losing market value. Year after year. This body assesses the value of footballers with numerous parameters that it enters according to age, performance, costs, moment of form, club … He knew how to get there, but not to stay. And the last three years showed considerable loss of value.

Today it is worth, according to the latest estimate between 30 and 40 million. Ha lost, therefore a share of almost half its price.

Guedes, priced today by the club at about 40 kilos

In fact, Valencia in its desire to sell assets -read players- no longer has practically untouchables … and Guedes lost that consideration. Cost those 40 kilos. And it has amortized half … but the other half is missing. In other words, everything that is an exit of less than 20 million incurs losses, but the Mestalla club has an idea regarding the Portuguese for a possible sale and I rate it at a cap of 40.Figure right now complicated by the market that is coming …

His great 2017-18 campaign and the World Cup in Russia boosted their value.

The arreón de Guedes: at its best moment of the year

The Portuguese lit has been flashing for a month than it has been. It has cost him a lot. But in this final stretch is another player. In every action you see him more confident. And it has paid off. Two goals, three assists, victim of a penalty … He is a player who has gained in confidence and is one of the benchmarks of the team in attack right now.

Guedes lives off emotional impulses that directly affect his performance after seeing these four years at Valencia. For this reason, the goal that he scored at Villarreal, on matchday 26, he assumed a full stop to the season. Gave at and it is being the best news of the team in this final stretch.

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