Guedes: “When the results do not come, you can forget if you are doing it right or wrong”


The Portuguese player from Valencia has stopped going with the Portugal team due to his poor performance this season

ANDl player of the Valencia Gonçalo Guedes is going through a especially difficult season, collectively and also personally. The fact of not being this week with the Portugal team reminds you that its performance is below the one he had been giving in recent years, the one that led him to become the most expensive signing in the history of Valencia. Now it seems that see the light a bit with some good matches in Mestalla (Villarreal, Granada) and its mood is different. He assures in a statement in VCF Mèdia what has won confidence with your performance and also with the whole team: “It was a great game, because of the result and because of the game we played. We improved a lot compared to the last games. We gained confidence with the ball and we felt more comfortable. We come to the break with more confidence and with the aim of winning the next game away from home and adding two consecutive victories “, he explains when he is reminded of the last victory against him. grenade.

For the Portuguese player the Latest victories at Mestalla reinforce the team and they also reinforce the work that has been done in Paterna with Javi Gracia: “When you work very well but the results do not come, you can forget if you are doing the job well or badly. With the victories you know that you are doing it well and you continue to do everything to make it as good as possible. Confidence is very important. Brand difference in matches. It is important to have the trust of colleagues. That helps a lot. “

We are Valencia, we always have to look up

It was coming from so low, what to see some green shoots it completely changes the perspective. But the reality is that Valencia is currently in no man’s land without any objective to fight for: “We are Valencia, we always have to look up. we were not in such a good situation we also knew that we had quality to be on top. We will try to get as high as possible. We have the capacity and we hope that the confidence we have after the last games will help us go further. “

We have a young team that is not used to this situation

One of the apending signatures of Valencia this season is that of win two games in a row. Now what comes from beat Granada can think of getting a second win in his visit to Cádiz next week: “We have uA very young team that is not used to being in this situation, But now we are calm and we are only thinking about climbing the maximum in the classification. The whole team is confident that we are going to get two victories in a row, and look for the third and fourth if we can “he concludes.

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