Half a century since Forment’s goal: one of the most explosive celebrations in history at the Mestalla


That goal in 92 ‘against Celta allowed him to win the 1971 League three days later

ANDn a moment in the history of Valencia in which there is so much uncertainty in the future, hold on to the past is a good option to maintain the illusion. Maybe Forment’s goal does not appear among the great moments of the club’s trajectory, but in addition to be key to achieving a Lig titlea enjoyed the condition for many years of indelible memory and collective nostalgia. Forment’s goal -for those who lived it- It is remembered by the outbreak of fireworks in the stands, the decibels (a shout that was heard throughout the city) and by the lthrowing thousands of pads onto the lawn before the game was over. A gesture that so many times – even that afternoon – had served to disapprove of players and referees, then it became the symbol of an irreducible spirit of a team that he believed he could win the League.

Those who they had the luck to live that goal of Forment in Mestalla -about 55,000 viewers according to the chronicle of Marca in 1971- compare it with later ones such as that of Tendril (1983), Robert Fernandez (1992), Sanchez (2001), Deck of cards (2002) or Rodrigo (2019). They are all part of the hValencia’s success story.

At 6:17 p.m. approximately this March 28, 2021 is fulfilled half a century after Forment’s goal against Celta, the final 2-1. It was in the minute 92 of a party for which Valencia missed the 1971 League. With four games to go to the end of the season, Valencia I was playing at Luis Casanova at 16:30 against a competitive Galician team.

Two days ago Valencia had regained the lead after thrashing Athletic at home, a game after havingor left at Manzanares after losing (3-0) against Atlético. That goal and the victory against Celta were not only an exercise in resistance but faith that the team arrived whole to the decisive section in which they remained one game at home (Elche) and two at home (Sabadell and Espanyol). Despite the defeat in Sarriá, Valencia won the league title after the tie between Atlético and Barcelona, (1-1) his two pursuers on the table.

This is how MARCA told it

“There are people who He has played 300 games for Valencia, poor, and they have not won anything. And i have played two seasons and I was lucky to win LaLiga, Cup runner-up, and now that 50 years ago they still made me come on the day of Celta’s goal to throw a firearm, that’s wonderful “, Forment reflects nostalgically in VCF Mèdia.

And so it is. The forward -with Di Stéfano played more delayed although he scored quite a few goals– de Almenara had to retire early from football. One year later, una very hard entrance of Aguirre Suárez (Granada) forced him to undergo surgery and withdrew him from elite football. Barely could play six games with Valencia later of that.

The centenary of the club, held two years ago, helped rescue moments of black and white history that were beginning to fade in memory. Garcia Marquez he wrote that “remembering is easy for those who have memory, forgetting difficult for those who have a heart. And the heart of Valencianism, despite everything, still beats strongly.

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