Héctor Herrera is excited again

The Mexican points to the starting eleven five months later

Nor could you imagine Hector Herrera what lay ahead when last December 12 Cholo Simeone decided not to return to the field of play to play the second half of the match against him Real Madrid.

I gave it He occupied the position of a footballer who began to add a series of misfortunes that have kept him away from the pitch for almost five months. In all this time, six minutes before him Cadiz and 16 against Alavés and Seville.

At a time when he was showing his best football since he came to SpainWhen the coaching staff fully trusted his football, he was one of the beneficiaries in the face of great competition from the center of the mattress field and the rojiblanca fans were excited about his benefits, an injury arrived that kept him out of the field for more than a month of game.

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Between recovery time and the need to return to your best version, Herrera he was left behind by the ownership in the center of the mattress field. But when he was trying to recover space, the coronavirus came into his life. Initially, the only consequences were the pertinent quarantine that he had to maintain, but weeks later, after giving negative in the test PCR, had to travel to Mexico after the death of his mother as a result of covid 19.

All the good performances that occurred in the first months of the season were lost. His ability to cover the field, to give the last passes to his attack partners or his good understanding with Koke it was erased at a key point in the season. The rojiblancos were gambling their future in Europe and maintain a league income that reached eleven points, but could not help too much.

Now, with the pothole over and thinking only about football, Hector Herrera has returned ready to take the handle of the Athletic. With him on the pitch, the rojiblancos played some of their best games of the season, their confidence is maximum and they want to make up for lost time.

With the margin of error exhausted, both Barcelona What Real Madrid on the heels, Herrera will re-form in the spinal cord with Koke to lead the game. It is time to steal the ball from a team that seeks to be the protagonist with the ball in their power as the Betis. But after savoring the worst version of football and life, now it must be a luxury reinforcement for a team that needs all its troops at the highest level to achieve a League that will be more disputed than expected.

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