Houston Porter Jr. makes history against Milwaukee

In the American Basketball League (NBA) competition where the Houston Rockets defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 143-136, 20-year-old Kevin Porter Jr produced 50 points and 11 assists, becoming the youngest player in NBA history to reach this statistic.

The NBA continued with 6 matches. Kevin Porter Jr., who went down in NBA history in the last match of the Rockets in the last row of the Western Conference, defeated the Bucks on the field, and LeBron James, who showed this performance at the age of 23, became the youngest player to reach 10 assists and more with 50 points or more. He scored 50 points, 10 rebounds).

In addition, the 20-year-old basketball player became the second name in the history of the Rockets club after James Harden (8 times), who was the only player to reach this statistics so far.


Indiana Pacers-Brooklyn Nets: 113-130

Detroit Pistons-Dallas Mavericks: 105-115

Houston Rockets-Milwaukee Bucks: 143-136

Minnesota Timberwolves-Golden State Warriors: 126-114

Denver Nuggets-Toronto Raptors: 121-111

Oklahoma City Thunder-New Orleans Pelicans: 95-109

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