How did Trevon Diggs become the Dallas Cowboys’ interception machine? Exploring his record-chasing season so far…

Trevon Diggs could make NFL history Sunday by becoming the first player to record an interception in each of the first seven games of the season. Watch Diggs and the Dallas Cowboys battle the Minnesota Vikings on Sky Sports NFL’s Sunday Night Football program.

Trevon Diggs’ see the ball, get the ball methodology has been rampant amid a very remarkable start to the season for the Dallas Cowboys full-back.

Barry Wilburn, Brian Russell and Tom Landry are the only players to ever start the season with interceptions in each of their first six games, Sunday’s match against the Minnesota Vikings awaited Diggs’ opportunity to make NFL history as a first player. do it in seven. That’s right, not bad …

What’s more, he’s the only Super Bowl-era player to catch seven-plus interceptions, as well as several pick sixes in his team’s first six games, and is on track to break the Cowboys franchise’s record in one season with 11 interceptions. installed by Everson Wallis in 1981. “You had our curiosity, now you have our attention …”

The job of a Cowboys protector is accompanied, if not burdened, by the expectations imbued with Deion Sanders. Diggs is not prime time, but he cites numbers that a two-time Super Bowl champion and former quarterback of the year would be proud of. Dallas residents are excited.

Defense Coordinator Dan Quinn is demanding a lot from his defense, trying to improve the basic Cover 1 / Cover 3 imagery implemented at Boom Legion in Seattle, mixing them with a modern “quarter” coating that makes up deep overs and horizontal structures. His scheme suited Diggs in some way, whose approach to jumping up and down seems to match Quinn’s desire to let his squad play a smooth, instinctive defense.

Dallas Cowboys defensive coach Aden Durd joins Neil Reynolds on Inside The Huddle to discuss their great start to the season and Diggs' remarkable streak of interceptions.

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Dallas Cowboys defensive line coach Aden Durd joins Neil Reynolds on Inside The Huddle to discuss their great start to the season and Diggs’ remarkable streak of interceptions.

Diggs plays fearlessly and to the point. He trusts his ball control and shooting range skills to win and, if necessary, readjust at the point of combat, sometimes holding back aggression with softer cover, allowing him to rely on his shutdown speed. The ability for it to close space so quickly and in size to fit larger receivers and narrower ends also gave Quinn the freedom to use it as a safe when Dallas was comfortable, allowing shallow routes to cut off deep ones. ball or when defending a RedZone script.

His success can look like a “robber” or “trap”, for example, his lateness or “where did he come from?” play with a ball. He baits quarterbacks, claiming that at the same time he will always risk missing partial games. He knows it, Quinn knows it, but they have little reason to reject right now.

Courage and courage are what the Cowboys need after collecting just 10 interceptions last year and 23rd in the DVOA Defense Rankings, which calculates team performance based on the range of each game. Dallas currently has 11 elections in 2021 and will be ranked 10th on the DVOA rankings in week eight. The key now is to ensure that the momentum does not run dry.

Diggs was lined up for Mike Evans for much of the first week’s loss to the Buccaneers Cowboys, and largely overshadowed Tampa Bay’s touchdown leader of the entire time. It was during Evans’ cover-up when his first interception of the year took place.

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