Ibai Gómez, the icing on the cake that Las Palmas wants

Ibai Gómez is UD’s latest target in this market. The conversations between the sports management and the Basque footballer have been continuous in the summer months. After terminating with Athletic, Ibai has looked at various offers from abroad, and his destiny seemed to be far from Spain. But those offers they have not convinced the midfielder, that he has reestablished contacts with the UD. Ibai is willing to lower his salary to play in Las Palmas and the club to make a last financial effort. “Ibai and Las Palmas want to join their paths. He is closer than ever to playing in the UD”, they affirm from the player’s environment to MARCA

Definitely Las Palmas has proposed to be the animator of the market in Segunda. Canaries, in addition to signing Peñaranda, Sadiku or Ferigra, they have incorporated Jonathan Viera and now they want to add Ibai to the project.

Pepe Mel was asked a week ago if UD had a Ferrari. The Madrid native, still without the official status of the signing of Jonathan Viera, responded cautiously: “We have a good car to compete with.” But the arrival of ’21’ and the possible of Ibai Gómez, make yellows candidates for everything.

There must be exits

For Ibai Gómez to play in Las Palmas, the yellow club has to start. Not for numbers, since the ’25’ has no owner. But on an economic plane. Ramírez already announced a week ago that Cedrés will go on loan – Deportivo is interested in a loan – and that there would be some more casualties. Las Palmas accumulates many players in the center of the field and it is expected that some of them will terminate their contract.

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