Ibiza, an island hungry for football


In 2015, a union happened that six years later would make sense. The former president of Valencia, Amadeo Salvo, embarked on a project to recover the illusion for football on an island like Ibiza. The debt of the old club was assumed by Salvo, who began to form a team from Preferred Regional. In his second season in this category, the sky blue team gets a promotion that propels him to the Third Balearic Islands. Where he only plays one season after buying the vacant place of Lorca in Second B. Three years of work and effort to reach Second in 2021.

A meteoric rise based on effort and success in a club that has had a spectacular season.


The coach and leader of the boat in sports has been key to the historic year of UD Ibiza. The one who was Unai Emery’s second coach in Seville, PSG or Arsenal embarked as first coach alone in a Second B team, but perfectly structured in a professional way. The happy, offensive game, and above all, with a competitive gene worthy of admiration, is what has made Ibiza reach these playoffs with some promotion numbers.


One of the successes of Ibiza de Carcedo, with Fernando Soriano in the Sports Directorate, is getting the squad right. A team that knew how to sign having its spine already formed. Pardo, Goldar, Manu Molina, Davo, Castel or Ekain Cenitagoia. Players who arrived without much fanfare or outlays and hungry for promotion. Transfers that joined Germán, Javi Lara or Ángel Rodado.


The fans are one of the aspects that have been recovering these years in Ibiza. A phrase that Amadeo Salvo always repeats is a summary of what we are experiencing: “It’s a soccer island.” This has been demonstrated by the fans of Can Misses and more with una Ascent Phase in which about a thousand people colored the stands of the New Nursery. A club that has known how to move between the economic ‘hardships’ of Second B with a hobby that has grown exponentially along with the sports development of the celestial team.


One of the club’s bets since its promotion to Second B. A facet in which Ibiza is one of the best in its category. Accessibility in social networks, campaigns with sponsors and the relationship with the media. A club prepared for promotion, beyond sports.


The figure of the former Italian player has been linked with the island and with the club since they arrived at Tercera. Borriello belonged to the Ibiza squad in Second B in the 2018/19 academic year, but found no regularity. Of course, his figure influenced the fact that Ibiza was known internationally.

Juan Carlos Carcedo will be in charge of forming a team that competes to remain in the Second Division, with Amadeo Salvo in the presidency and Fernando Soriano in the Sports Direction. A block that has brought joy and media focus to the club. An island that, as its president said, wants to play football.

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