Idrissi, from assignment to assignment

Sevilla will announce in the next few hours a new departure for its squad. It does not have even 1% of the importance, for example, of the future sale of Koundé as it is a discard. the moroccan Idrissi has traveled to Holland to undergo a medical examination with the FeyenoordAs reported uncheckand thus formalize the fiasco that has led to his hiring for the Seville in the summer of 2020. Three assignments in less than three years is his background as a Sevilla player. First Ajax in January 2021; after Cadiz in January this year; and now Feyenoord. A trajectory seeking to recover his level from AZ, which Monchi fell in love with and invested 13 million. Lousy operation.

And it is that Idrissi has never entered through the eye of his coach, Julen Lopetegui, who wanted to have a winger with overflow, who at the same time had influence and was involved in the global game of Sevilla. This is not the case with Idrissi, a much more individualistic footballer and that he tries to wage war on his own. Without opportunities in Nervión, the parties understand that the only formula was to find a way out. With a market so stagnant, the decision of a new loan was the least bad solution.

His contract does not end until 2025, so Sevilla, if they don’t succeed now in the Netherlands, will have to go back to work on their exit next year. Idrissi was away training in the Andalusian capital, as Ron Lopesanother of the discards for which a destination must be found. Luuk de Jong (PSV) or Augustinsson (Aston Villa) they already found accommodation after deciding Lopetegui that he didn’t have them. Now it was the turn of Idrissi. While the market for Sevilla is cleared up with the expected sale of Koundé, Monchi works in other operations that are also relevant economically. One less player to place.

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