Imanol: “We had to win and we did, they are three very valuable points”


The realist coach admitted that the expulsion of Raúl Guti could be decisive but stressed that his Real was already being superior under equal conditions

Imanol Alguacil valued in a very important way the triumph of his Real Sociedad against Elche in Anoeta, despite the fact that it was with more suffering than expected after the early expulsion of a rival player, which he admitted could influence the future of the match.

Imanol knew that the expulsion could have been good for his team, but not that much. “Obviously it conditions a lot, when there is so much time left, but he preferred not to be expelled, because it is usually worse. Our entry to the field had been good and then they have gathered well behind, in a low block, and it was difficult for us to open the can, although we have achieved it with patience, without rushing, without leaving any against them and doing what we had to do, which was to win, “he said.

The txuriurdin coach is still not seen in Europe. “I already told you that you have to win games in all ways and against all your rivals. Today you played against one less, against Atlético you will be different … We have to play all the games like the Cup final, with the aim of win and get the nine points that remain at stake, “he announced.

He was asked the message he gave to his men at halftime. “I have insisted on the idea, on being well balanced, not losing my mind … I have made two changes and I have adjusted tactical things, we have insisted and we have done a great job, sometimes against teams in inferiority it costs more, but we have in the end we were able to win, “he said.

Imanol celebrated that his team could get performance from set pieces, after not being able to do it in play. “I think the team had generated to score but, when you are not capable through the game, there is the set piece, which is usually analyzed and prepared and today it has come out, so I am happy. They are three points that have a lot of value “he insisted.

The realistic coach celebrated, finally, the return to the title of David Silva, after his reappearance last Saturday in Huesca. “It is a joy that he has been able to endure the 90 minutes, he has told me that with good feelings, we will see if he also has them tomorrow or the day after, which is when the discomfort appears,” he commented.

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