In England they take for granted the Manchester United-Borussia Dortmund agreement for Sancho

Saccording to points Mirror,Manchester United and Borussia DortmundThey would have already reached an agreement for the transfer of Jadon Sancho in exchange for 93 million euros. The fixed price of the operation would be 87 million euros to which others would join 6 million in variables, depending on the performance of the footballer.

What seemed like it was going to be one of the soap operas of the summer, would thus be close to closing brilliantly. The interest of the red devils for Sancho already comes from last summer, but the high pretensions of the Germans who demanded 120 million euros, made the agreement impossible.

The player who is playing the European Championship with England, already told the Rhenish club that he only wanted to play for United if he left Dortmund, and in this way you see your expectations fulfilled. Sancho would return to the city where he grew up playing football, although he would do so in the citizen rival of his club, the Manchester City.

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