Iñaki Williams: “With work and sacrifice Nico will be able to get whatever he wants”

The eldest of the brothers addresses the sensations of the debut, reviews his personal moment in the team and addresses the end of LaLiga in addition to the incident with Remiro

ANDl Athletic-Valladolid fills Iñaki Williams with satisfaction, who confessed excited by the debut of his brother Nico. “It’s a dream come true. When I arrived at Athletic I dreamed of being part of the first team and when my brother arrived, what he dreamed of was sharing a dressing room. He is young and early. With work and sacrifice he can get everything he wants,” he said.

The forward stressed that “We have never had it easy and nobody has given us anything. He knows that we have to fight for what we want. My brother has worked very well burning stages at the club and he has to continue down that path with that self-confidence he has when it comes to facing. He has to try to capture the game he has in the subsidiary in the first team.

Nico has to try to capture the game he has in the reserve team with the first team

The eldest Williams noted that “I am happy about the success of my family and loved ones more than my own. I know how important this was to Nico. It is taking giant steps and it has to continue along that line. You need to focus, work, and not get carried away by comments. Lean on the family and listen to constructive criticism not the destructive ones. “.

The footballer looked back and noted that “I have always believed that we were going to play together. Two black brothers are in the team it is not by chance. They go through something. We knew we were going to play together. My brother has to continue to be hungry to eat the world so that we can continue to live our dream and our parents are even more proud “.

The review of his brother’s debut did not prevent him from addressing his moment in the team, with several days apart from the goal, which is one of Iñaki’s objectives. “It annoys me not having helped the team with more goals. I don’t think it’s being a bad season either. We have won a Super Cup that over time will be given importance, we have reached two consecutive Cup finals. We have not put the icing on the cake, but we must continue in that line because if we are competitive we will be close to victory.

No one is going to make me doubt my qualities. I will continue working to show every day that I can be a better player

The Bilbao player insisted that “they ask for goals from us and I would like to have done many more. I have given several assists and I have tried to contribute work and sacrifice. Hopefully I can continue helping and contributing. No one is going to make me doubt my qualities. I’m going to keep working to show every day that I can be a better player. “

The analysis of the season

The farewell section of the course continues to be marked by the recent Cup finals lost in the first two weeks of April against Real Sociedad and Barcelona. Williams stated that “the first final with the Real was a hard blow, I think we have all admitted it. . More than for losing, for not being us on the field. The pressure and the desire to bring the title could get us. It serves us for the future because surely there will be more. It was a host and then another fell … “

Remiro had a mistake and I remain with his apologies. Excess euphoria can lead you to do things you don’t think about

The celebration for the title of the Royal Society included a Alex Remiro episode That put Williams in a bad place. The goalkeeper has apologized for this and the rojiblanco wants to turn the page. “Everyone can be wrong. Excess of euphoria can lead you to do things you do not think. It is a mistake and I remain with your apologies. We have to settle the issue because it is not going to be good for either of us“.

In this farewell to the course, Iñaki Williams has reached 190 consecutive games in LaLiga and is a dozen away from equaling Larrañaga’s record. In the last days, the forward intervenes in the matches, leaving from the bench because the effort takes its toll. “This course I have also had many minutes and there is fatigue.

Personally, mentally, everything also takes its toll. Now It is coming in good for me to go out in the second parts because I have fresher legs. Regarding the figures, until I got here I have not thought much about it, but at this point yes I would like to break that record. What I would like above all is for the team to win because I prioritize the team over personal challenges, “he said.

And in the sports field for the remainder of the championship, the forward ruled out that the team wears the LaLiga judge suit. “We don’t look at the rival in front of us. We want to win if we look at the one on the other side. We are going to play against teams that play a lot at the top and bottom. we want to finish in the best possible way, “he said.

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