Ionut Radu, option for goal

Ionut Radu, Romanian goalkeeper who belongs to Inter Milan, seems to be one of the footballers for whom Real Sociedad would be negotiating, with the aim of occupying the gap left by Miguel Ángel Moyá and compete with Alex Remiro by ownership. The Txuriurdin entity continues to have to go to the market to defend its goal, waiting for a youth squad to come out with the sufficient level for it.

Radu, who turned 24 on May 28, was born in Bucharest, but his qualities soon caught the attention of the Inter Milan, who signed him as a future option for his first team as soon as they come of age.

The Romanian goalkeeper, which would be the objective of the Real according to information from the prestigious Italian journalist Alfredo Pedullà, confirmed how good he was in the 2018-19 campaign– He was on loan in Genoa and played almost every game in Serie A, before in the european under 21 was one of the protagonists of the arrival of Romania to the semifinals.

The fact that Radu and Huesca goalkeeper Álvaro Fernández have been the names that have come out so far to relieve Moyá, confirms that La Real is no longer looking so much for a veteran to wrap up Remiro as well as the Balearic did, something that seems impossible, but the idea is to incorporate a footballer who competes from you to you for ownership with that of Cascante.

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