Isaiah Simmons, AJ Dillon, Darnell Mooney: Which NFL players could break out in 2021?


Which NFL players are ready to break out in 2021? We will look at 10 contenders who will make the jump in the upcoming season.

Patience may have never been more of a virtue in the NFL than it was in the 2020 season, when young players were thrown into deep ends amid a global pandemic that devastated the offseason, sent virtual film sessions, and eventually tore teammates to the last. capabilities. Date.

We’re looking at 10 players who can jump in 2021 …

Extended roles await AJ Dillon in his second year with the Packers as he prepares to perform with Aaron Jones following Jamaal Williams’ departure to the free agency. Round two pick posted 242 yards on the ground for two out of 46 carry touchdowns per year for his Boston College rookie with record high school records in rushing yards (4,382), meteoric touchdowns (38), total touchdowns (40) and universal (4618).

With 115 yards on 24 touches in his first nine games, he provided a preview of what to expect from going forward in week 10 as he recorded 124 yards on two scores from 21 to winning quick-hitting champion Derrick Henry at 40 the game has 14 victories over the Tennessee Titans.

While his post-college reputation was primarily tied to his qualities as a defender, the Packers also believe in his potential as a kind of interception threat that made Jones and Williams integral to Matt Lafler’s offense.

He could also face competition from seventh-round rookie Kailin Hill, who was called up from Mississippi, where he found the ball only once out of 519 touches in four seasons.

Bears fans are keenly reminded of Darnell Mooney’s nifty double kick against Los Angeles Rams defender Jalen Ramsey during his rookie year, and that’s understandable when the fifth-round receiver showed masterful head rigging and lightning-fast footwork to leave the four-time Bowler pro in his footsteps.

It was just a flash of what Mooney has to offer Chicago in the seasons to come, as he hopes to establish himself as a No. 2 worthy ahead of Allen Robinson. Tulane’s product may not have performed hugely in 2020, but set a new franchise record for most rookie catches as it finished the season with 61 receptions on 631 yards and four touchdowns.

He looms as a long-awaited major threat with home speed and high IQ that rookie quarterback Justin Fields can take advantage of. The bears turned out to be a gem.

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