Jacksonville Jaguars face ‘glaring question’ at tight end after Tim Tebow arrival, says J.P. Shadrick


Jaguars Senior Reporter J.P. Shadrick expects more changes to come in the Narrow Ends department and believes training camps will be a defining moment in the backdrop of Tim Tebow’s return to the NFL.

It may have been a quiet few weeks for the Jacksonville Jaguars party people who weren’t Tim Tebow. But beyond the frenzy surrounding the former NFL quarterback’s controversial comeback, one of the squad’s most poignant positional battles looms.

Head coach Urban Meyer subsequently reunited with former Florida player Tebow, whose return to the league came nine years after his last appearance in 2012, at a time when Trevor Lawrence was just 12 in the overall No. 1 ranking.

Tebow became the sixth player on the Jaguars roster alongside free agency pickup truck Chris Manhertz, veteran James O’Shaughnessy, 2021 round 5 player Luca Farrell, 2020 round six-pick Tyler Davis, and 2020 undrafted free agent Ben Ellefson.

Jaguars senior reporter J.P. Shadrick suspects there may be more changes in the group of positions.

“I’m still curious about the tight position, which is the only egregious question mark in attack,” Shadrik told Sky Sports. “James O’Shaughnessy has been in the league for seven years but has only 88 traps in his career. He’s your most experienced tight end right now, I think they’d like to add to that at some point.

“We’ve all heard Tebow’s name, how much it fits into the equation, I think the next three weeks will be key to that, we’ll see if he can keep up. And then they’ll put on the pads and get a little more physical training at training camp.

“They added Chris Manhertz, who is a veteran of the free agency, and he can block the move, but they need a permanent weapon to take over the aisles, I think that’s something else to think about.”

Eifert and former Indianapolis Colts Trey Burton remain free agencies, while Philadelphia Eagles’ Zach Ertz remains traded with Super Bowl LII champions.

Criticism of Tebow’s arrival indicated that young players vying for their league eligibility were seizing the unearned opportunity, especially after the HBCU Zero Prospects were selected for the ninth time since 2000.

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