Javi Gracia: “I have not had moments of faintness”

The coach assures that he has not thought about throwing in the towel despite the poor results throughout the season

Nor has thought of leaving. In abandon. In leaving it. Valencia is the worst in figures of the last 35 years and that weighs. But Javi grace he assures that it is positive and that he does not think of giving up “I remain convinced to work and to prepare the best possible for each game. I have not had any moment of fainting and I will do so until the end of the season. I try to see improvements in the team. And I try to make them more and more. The difficulty exists and there are moments away from home that weigh us down a lot. We neither play at the level nor get results. We are going to play at home and here we are being strong. We have played better games and better results. I look forward to the future with optimism. “

Soler State

“He is in a delicate situation. He could not be in Pamplona, ​​but he has been training little by little and today he has done it with the team. I think he will be able to be with the team.”

The new ones and the pulse

“I have already explained it. For me there is no distinction between players who started the season or who arrived later. I try to choose among those who are better.”

Defensive mistakes

“It was not only from that game. Also in previous games by conceding two goals in Seville from set pieces. We have to improve at the start of the game and from set pieces. Correct and work and we insist on it. We try to find solutions and sometimes things. come out worse.

Guillem Molina, converted

“Guillem was not the culprit of the defeat. He was at a very correct level. It was to move fewer pieces of site. Piccini is in a process of constant improvement, of which we are happy, but he has limitations.”

Maxi Gomez

“Maxi the punishment of the federation has already fulfilled it. Right now it is one more and is available for the match”

How is Javi Gracia on a mental level?

“I don’t know what it wears out. I am not capable of making that assessment. As a coach you have to live certain moments and you try to do your best.”

Do you think it is possible to solve?

“Our away games have not been at a good level in most of them. We did not achieve results and we have not been at the level.”

The Cillessen situation

When we consider that it is available, it will enter with the same options as the rest of the colleagues. He is training better and better. Between today and tomorrow we will make the decision. With a week more insurance that is available. ”

Calleja’s work

I know him personally and have a great appreciation for him. Whenever there is a change, such reactions can occur. He is accompanied by some players who have entered the team dynamics. They have come out of the descent. The lineups and style is not very different from Abelardo’s, but the injection of the new and his particular vision has given them more faith and enthusiasm.

Next year

“The base we have is very good. It depends on the strength of this squad next year to set the objectives.”

Final for not descending?

“Perceptions are free, but tomorrow’s game is vital. With that mentality we are going to face it.”

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