Javi Gracia: “That the club talk to other coaches? Nobody tells me anything because I don’t ask anything”


The Valencia coach analyzes the current situation of the team, and also the future, before a vital match against Barcelona

ANDThe coach of the Valencia, Javi Gracia, has appeared this Saturday at a press conference prior to the game against Barcelona. The team that trains Koeman It comes after the serious setback on Thursday against Granada, which prevented him from becoming the leader of the competition. The black and white team he’s also in a hurry in qualifying with 36 points to 6 of the reduction, before the parties of this day begin.

Six points of descent

I think what we should do is be focused on what is ours, on knowing the importance of each point at stake. We do not know what is going to happen, what we are going to add or what the rest are going to add. We face each game knowing the importance of each point.

Difficult season. What incentive does the fan have?

Is being a very demanding season, complicated for everyone and I understand that the fan of the Valencia it is in any situation and has shown it throughout history, He is a very loyal fan and has that affection for the team. We have the experience this season of having been able to compete well against them. We were able to score in another circumstance. It is a team that is on the rise, with many points achieved that have gotten him into the fight for the title. Our illusions are maximum.

Has the club denied you that you are talking to other coaches, for your peace of mind?

Nobody tells me anything because I don’t ask anything. My tranquility or uneasiness is more due to the situation of the team and the need to score points in the games that remain. That’s where we are focused. There is little time left, only three weeks of competition, but for me the important thing is the game tomorrow and the game of Valladolid. What may happen in the future, I understand the comments, but as I understand them I know that the best I can do is to be focused on my work.

Do you think that someone from the club should cut or stop the rumors about the new coach?

Each one focuses on what they consider to be appropriate and important. I do not direct the spotlight of others. You do your job, the club yours and mine is not to blur from each game and not remove an iota of interest or responsibility in the next game. The situation is of necessity and to add points, each time there are fewer days and with that interest we face the games. That’s my reality. I do not direct the focus of the press or of certain sectors of the club.

Rest players

When we have had the recent week of three games, there what is the usual rest in a week we have not had. We had to train every day. That is where the necessary load comes in and a good combination of all the work that we need a tactical technician. In weeks like this with a day off we have more time to work. It’s important to fine-tune your workloads. It is a season in which there are many, many injured. Today we trained with the entire squad. And at the moment in which we are having the entire squad is very important, there is a luck factor, but there is also a great job from the medical services and from all the plots of the club.

Cillessen State

Is it availabe. He has been training with the team for a long time. Last week it was premature to get him into the call. But it was better or so he thought it better to hold out for another week.


I know I can count on him whenever I want and he has shown it throughout the competition. I have to choose taking into account all the competitions.

Maxi Gómez a long time without marking

Maxi is a great striker, that’s my opinion of him. You will go through better and worse times. He has always been close to the goal and lately he has not had the luck to score, but he has participated in the goals in a different way, but I consider him a very important player.


A very good recovery as a result of his nature and the work of the medical services.

Staff motivation

We know that you have to do a lot of things well to beat this team. He comes from a defeat, but you see his ease and scoring ability to get the games ahead. La Real without making a bad game conceded six goals. It is a team that generates a lot of danger and if it is correct you have few options to get something positive. We are going to do our best, because I feel we have that need regardless of whether the points are needed more or less. You have to play and put even more to get the more points the better from here to the end

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