Javier Pereira: “I have not come to Levante to spend a month and a half”

Javier Pereira remain optimistic. “We see green shoots,” says the Levante coach. The team urgently needs to get out of the hole it has gotten into. The new granota coach is clear “With 34 points we are saved.” The target is on the table.

El Saler’s stage

We are looking for improvement. You never know what we’re going to see tomorrow. I understand that there has been an improvement in these weeks. Hopefully that translates into the field due to the situation we are in. We have had time to work and to assimilate some things.

The injured

Rober Pier had a stroke and was not feeling well today. You will not be able to play. Roger and Soldier this week have been working with us and are in good condition. We all like to have all the tools available. Now you can see green shoots. One thing is the availability and another thing is the state of form. The best level of each is yet to come. ”

Environment in the field

“I would like all of us to be united at this time. I want to send a message that we have 25 games left, 75 points at stake. We don’t want to look back and we want to look forward. With 34 points we would have enough.”

More thrashed

“The teams can change. The numbers say that we have to change this situation. But this does not mean anything in terms of the match plan that we carry out.”

Roger’s situation

“Roger should not be encouraged. He has a very high competitive spirit. He is a competition animal. I know him from my previous stage. He loves competition regardless of how the team is.”

Her future

“Before coming I knew the challenge that was coming. The time for the coaches is given by the victories. I am very focused and very whole. I have not come here to be a month and a half.”

Campaign situation

“Campaign is working very well. In training his numbers are good. I have no complaints. He is a differential player and he is working hard to bring back the best Campaign we know.”

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