Javier Tebas: “Madrid can sign Mbappé but let’s see what he does with Bale”


ANDhe president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, he assured in an interview on the program The Golazo of Goal that they will not make any exception with the economic control to any club so that it can keep its stars. “Here is not going to make an exception with a club for Messi to stay. The salary limit is for everyone,” he said bluntly.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the program, Tebas visited the editorial office of the program to review current events in national football. “If you see that any of the questions we ask you bother you, call Roures and that’s it, “he joked Manolo lama before starting.

He explained that he believed that Messi was going to stay at Barcelona because the club is planning to lighten its roster of players and salaries and he saw it as feasible. “I think it will continue,” he said. He did not dare to be so blunt with the Real Madrid captain: “I would like him to continue Sergio Ramos, but I dare not say that it will be. “

After assessing the European title of Villarreal and making it clear that the previous hegemony in European competitions was the exceptional thing, he faced the chapter of star signings in the summer.

“Real Madrid could sign Mbappe. He would have to give exits to other players and the key is to know what will happen to Bale, which in terms of salary limit is very important. It would be very good for LaLiga if Mbappe could come, “he began. Then he dismissed boasting:” That a team would bring Haaland Y Mbappe I see it very difficult. You can’t keep everyone and also sign the best. “

About Zidane and spokespersons

“Zidane has been a victim of the spokespersons. Interested leaks. It happened to me with ‘Filomena’. I was talking with the Madrid General Director and the next day the spokesmen had something else. I already said that knowing which journalists write you know if it is Florentino’s opinion or not, “he explained.

Super league

Also, regarding the evolution of the failed Superliga, the president of the employers issued the following warning: “I do not know if the UEFA Committee will sanction the three clubs from the Superliga or not. More than a UEFA sanction, there is still no registration in the Champions League. . A Champions without Real Madrid and Barça? They can still be out of the Champions League. They should be scared.

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