Jenni Hermoso: “The goal in the national team is a matter for the whole team”

A week has passed since he had to leave the concentration of the Spanish team due to a sprain of the internal ligament of his right knee that will deprive him of playing the European Championshipa blow that Beautiful Jenny still hard to assimilate. The Madrid striker attended MARCA in the presentation of the new Samsung NEO Qled 8K.

Ask. First of all, how is the injury?

Response. Well, every day better and with better feelings. I am working with my personal trainer, with a recovery treatment and gym. I’m already cycling and doing other exercises that make me feel better. I have much less pain than a week ago and I imagine that in three or four weeks I will hardly have any.

P. Do you think you would have arrived in time to play the European Championship?

R. I have thought at all times that I could get there, but there are things that are not in my hands and I cannot do more. The medical staff thought that I would not get to the first game well, but I would have tried until the end and would have done everything on my part to improve every day and be there.

Q. You said you didn’t want the European Championship to last a year and look…

R. It was karma! It makes me angry because it’s something I’ve been waiting for a long time. At club level I have won everything and I wanted to do it now with the national team.

Q. Have you cried a lot?

R. Yes, of course I cried. The first days were horrible. The phone was on fire and I was about to throw it into the Manzanares. It’s something that hurts, but the days go by and you learn to savor other things like enjoying my Madrid. But I’m not going to lie to you, I still have moments of downturn.

Q. Do you maintain contact or have you put the airplane mode?

R. There are many who ask me daily how I am doing. Maybe we don’t talk as much as we could because it still hurts me, but I do keep in touch.

P. A goal is lost in the national team, who should assume that responsibility now?

R. The same thing always happens with the striker of the national team: if she doesn’t score, she’s doing very badly and if she scores, she’s the best in the world. The goal in the national team is everyone’s business. You shouldn’t put pressure on any player and it would be a mistake to put labels on the forwards.

P. Do you think that with your absence there are less chances of success? How far can Spain go?

R. I think there are the same options. The players that are there are trained to play great games and go as far as possible.

Q. Your contract with Barcelona ends on June 30, what does the future hold for you?

R. It will soon be known. At the moment I want to recover completely and when it can be announced I will communicate it. I hope I have many years left if the body and head hold.

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