Jesús Navas renews for three more seasons with Sevilla

ANDl Seville Y Jesus Navas have reached an agreement for the renovation of the youth squad for three more seasons. The captain’s contract expired on next June 30 and after a few weeks where it seemed that the negotiations had stalled, there has been consensus and the president himself Jose castro has made it official in the official media of the club. “Our way of being does not change and, ambition is our flag and I dream of giving Jesús Navas one more title. We can say at this time of day that yes, we carry several days working with Jesus and his representatives so what we have reached an agreement with him for the next three seasons“, he revealed.

It is a happy day because all Sevillistas have great affection for Jesús Navas as a professional, as a person, he is an endearing uncle. It is an example for all Sevilla players and for all players in the lower echelons of the Seville, who see his name when they arrive at the sports city, something that he has earned more than enough. And we can say that we have reached an agreement for the next three seasons, “said the president.

Jesus Navas, that next November will be 36 years old, keep the illusion of the first day and wait keep breaking records as a sevillista. The one of The palaces is the footballer with most official matches played -563- with the Sevilla jersey and the Nervionense with most games played in Primera division. Also, it is the player with more victories like white and red Y the one with the most titles in his record. The last one was raised last summer in Cologne, where he got his third Europa League, the first like Sevilla captain, one of the dreams that remained to be fulfilled.

“We have already seen how it is Jesus, a sevillista, hard-working, honest and honest guy. He’s like a kid ready to continue making history. He is at home, where he wants, to fight for the colors and the shield of the Seville. He talks about Sevilla as if it were his life. It is an emblem. The fan can be calm and happy. We have reached a beneficial agreement for both parties. Even so, the most important thing is that we will continue to enjoy Jesus Navas with the colors of Seville“he insisted Castro.

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