Joao Félix, operated on his right ankle, could reach the first league game

ANDIt was an important day today for Joao Felix and for him Atletico Madrid. The Portuguese faced an ankle operation that seems fundamental in his future. The rojiblanco striker had been dragging problems in the right ankle for a long time and the decision was made as reported BRAND to operate to try to resolve these problems. The Portuguese season finale was one of survival to the point of having an almost testimonial performance with his team in the Eurocup, being able to play just 30 minutes in the Round of 16 match.

João Felix has undergone surgery on the right ankle for Niek van Dijk. As reported by the club, the surgical intervention was carried out this morning in Porto under the supervision of Atlético’s medical services. The Portuguese international striker is pending evolution.

The club’s plans would include that Joao could be available for the first day of the League. The Portuguese, who last season started the course as one of the fittest players, will try to get to the beginning of this new season in the best possible conditions after the operation of his right ankle.

Now comes to Joao several weeks of vacation after having participated in the Eurocup in which the Portuguese striker will begin to take the first steps in his recovery to achieve his best when he has to join the red and white preseason.

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