Joaquín: “A title would be a finishing touch to my career … if it really is my last year”

Joaquin Sanchez, captain of the Betis, enjoy these days in the small Swiss town of Bad ragaz from his 22nd preseason as a professional, 13th as a player for the Verdiblanco club. A special year, in which everything indicates that he will end up hanging up his boots, but that he faces with enthusiasm, dreaming of a title and resisting to ensure that it will be the campaign of his farewell. Because with the portuense, everything is possible ..

One more preseason for Joaquín at Betis

“About the preseason and what are we going to say … They are tough, difficult because in the end you come to get fit after a long vacation. But we have to feel privileged to be where we are and with the enthusiasm, motivation and hope placed may it be a beautiful year. “

The privilege of being active on the verge of turning 40

“Yes, of course … There are days that I feel like a privilege and others that I say that I still had plenty (laughs). Of course it is a privilege to be another year enjoying being a footballer, to share these moments than the day tomorrow we are going to miss them a lot. So I try to enjoy the day to day, for me it is important to live those moments because it is what gives me joy to continue and enjoy the first team, Betis and football. “

Joaquín: “Winning a title would be the finishing touch to my career”Real Betis Balompié

Are preseason difficult for you at this point in your career?

“Not physically, it costs me more psychologically. Over the years you get used to it, but at this stage of my life psychologically I think that is when it costs me the most. Physically not because I am lucky that the coaching staff and José Cabello know me perfectly and I They let me go a little at my rhythm, that I dose according to the training sessions. I’m doing quite well. But psychologically it’s true that I suffer a little more.

Do you think this could be your last year as a footballer?

“Yes, of course I think so. Right now I would say that I get along because I am still, when it is not the same I say ‘how bad I am, how I miss it’. Right now when you think about it and think that it may be your last year You know it’s close, but you don’t want to think about it too much. Being able to continue collaborating and at the club is going to give me a lot of life and we will try to cope with being an ex-footballer “.

Being able to continue collaborating in the club is going to give me a lot of life and that way we will try to cope with being an ex-footballer

Joaquín, Betis player

He did not want to retire without an audience in the stadiums

“Of course, retiring for a year with the stands empty was very sad. Having to leave like this after so many years without the warmth and affection of your people … of course it is not what I wanted. Then also the teammates, the fans , people encourage you to continue. I have felt good in sport, I have been able to play many games, I have been important for the team, for the coach, and that is the most important thing. And the most important asset is that it was a sad year to retire We can have one more year, so happy. “

A beautiful year with three competitions

“The requirement is what you have. When you have a demanding year ahead of you is when you know that it can be a full year, demanding, but at the same time very beautiful. When you compete every three days, when you are in Europe, in the League , you play the Cup, you get into the wheel to compete every three days and that is what every footballer wants. Maximum demand, compete to be the best, play against the best teams and there you grow as a footballer and you know that you enjoy football 200%. That is the idea, the philosophy that in some way we have been working, to be there and not get off, to consolidate ourselves in the positions of Europe which is where fortunately this year we will be able to enjoy “.

The dream of winning a title in your senior year

“It would be a finishing touch to my professional career if it really is my last year. Imagine … But hey, we always say the same thing. In the end it is the perseverance, the demand, which will allow you to be able to fight for those titles. And in that demand and that level of preparation we have to be in. We must be aware that just as the year is very promising, very beautiful and very exciting, it is going to be very demanding, very difficult and we are going to have to be at the same time. height to compete in three competitions that any team would want. “

You have to be aware that just as the year is very exciting, it will be very demanding and you have to be up to the task

Joaquín, Betis player

Jokes with Pellegrini in the preseason

“Yes, I am lucky to always have a very fluid relationship with the coach, that he understands me and I understand him perfectly. In these most difficult days, due to the demands, there are those jokes and that fluidity with the players is always important. “

Willing to see the benito Villamarín stands full

“Yes, many, many … Full stadium, people cheering us on, or whistling at us, there are times that it doesn’t hurt either for the good of the team, and above all to see the stands full of our Benito Villamarín, which for us is the most important thing The truth is that I am looking forward to it, I am looking forward to the first game, even if it is friendly, and to see the people on the other side. “

What does he do in his spare time on the stage?

“I’m not from play, when I say this people are going to laugh, but lately I like to read with the book, I am also very into watching movies, many, if I don’t see a daily one … And above all being with my classmates, talk, laugh … I have never been to play or games. I have played once, but it has not caught my attention “.

The affection of the fans towards the captain

“It is the most important award that I am going to win, on a sentimental level. The respect and admiration of so many people. That is very difficult, very difficult. You can be a great player, but have the love of so many people wherever we go. , the admiration that people have for me … That is the greatest prize that I am going to take tomorrow. And wearing this shield on my chest and in my heart is always beautiful. Let them know this story and this feeling, to be a flag of that is always a privilege. “

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