Joaquín Fernández: “We were always with the last bullet, but it is already very difficult”

The almeriense sees the salvation of Real Valladolid complicated

ORn miracle. That’s what he needs Real Valladolid to continue one more season in LaLiga Santander. Or what is the same, win at Atlético de Madrid, that he Huesca lose to Valencia and that the Elche don’t beat Athletic. So much so, that in the blanquivioleta own wardrobe they are aware of it. “I have no explanation for what happened in Saint Sebastian. We knew we were playing a lot and they ran us over. In my almost seven years as a professional I have never experienced a situation like this, with that level of suffering that we reach. After 4-0 in 30 minutes there were people who had anguish and wanted to cry on the field. It cannot be repeated, we are screwed. We were always with the last bullet, but it is already very difficult, “he said. Joaquin Fernandez at a press conference.

In fact, the footballer himself does not shy away from talking about the silver category when asked about a possible relegation: “We expect an ambitious project and try to climb, I imagine. The squad did not think about that because we had enough with what we had. It is a question for the Club, which will know what it has to do. “

And what has happened to get to this point? “It has been a degeneration, the sensations have never been good. We played well and did not give us to win … We played badly and they beat us more than enough … So it is very difficult to achieve permanence. It was due to feeling, injuries, we have not been at our level … This project was not to play in Europe or anything like that, but neither was it to descend or suffer anguish. If we all had given a good level, we would have been saved even more easily than last season“commented the protagonist.

Also, asked about the figure of Sergio Gonzalez, who will finish the season on the bench without being dismissed, Joaquín explained: “The squad are not anyone’s executioners. The one who has to make the decisions is the Club. There has been total respect for the coach“.

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