Joaquín: “For me the Militao thing is not hand”


The Betis player referred to the controversy between Real Madrid-Sevilla in El Partidazo de COPE and Radio MARCA

Joaquin spoke in El Partidazo de COPE and Radio MARCA about the controversial play produced at Real Madrid-Sevilla, in which Martinez Munuera annulled a penalty in favor of the white team to signal a previous one in favor of the Sevilla team by hand of Militao.

“I have discussed it with other teammates. They have made a mess for us. Regarding Militao’s play, I always say that if the hand is involuntary and does not cut the trajectory of the ball, it is not a hand. The kid jumps with the striker. My opinion is not valid, but the important thing is to agree with the hands. We don’t know the criteria with a tool like VAR. What cannot be is that it is a penalty and in other circumstances it is not. It cannot favor you in some things and not in others. We know that they are not clear about it, “explained the Betis player.

Joaquín became the player with the most matches played with the Betis shirt against Granada, with 461 games. “A figure that is not easy to reach. The most important thing is that I am still here. The fundamental thing is to enjoy every day. I am proud and grateful to this club. Being able to help the team is fundamental, I continue to enjoy it. Out of desire, out of illusion and by physical it could continue. I’m going to turn 40 now and what you should be cooler is your mind. My refuge capacity is joy, not missing a workout and being plugged in. Not being satisfied with playing 20 minutes keeps me here. I get to the dressing room and the first thing I do is be happy and put on music, “he said.

On the favorite to win LaLiga, Joaquín did not get wet: “I would not put my hand in the fire. I could not tell you. A couple of games ago Atlético was not so clear about it, but it is costing Real Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, “he said.

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