Joaquín: “It is an incentive that at my age people continue to enjoy me”

Joaquín Sánchez, Betis captain and a key man in the agreement reached with the telecommunications firm Finetwork to be the main sponsor of the Verdiblanco club, he has been the protagonist in the official presentation of this link between the two entities, where he has reviewed current issues and how he faces, already with 40 years old, which may be his last season in the elite. “I am the captain and I know what I am for, but also what I’m a player and I want to play “, it affirmed.

“Fortunately Manuel knows me perfectly. I know what my role is and he knows that what I want is to play. Sometimes he does not put me on and I mess it up. He knows me. I also know that I am 40 years old and that I will not always be able to play, if I am well and on a good streak I will have to dose because I’m not 20 years old “Joaquín added, always with a smile. “Work 200%, feel that the children do not hesitate. It is an incentive that with my age people continue to enjoy meThat makes me proud, “he stressed.


“You always dream of important goals. The most important thing is that we are on the road. We are to compete in three competitions, I am very excited to be in Europe again. Feeling like an important team. This is going to start this week and the greatest illusion is the match of the Majorca“.

Conquer a title

“One is a player and competes to win games and titles. It is not easy to enter that wheel, but my illusion is intact in competing and winning, competing to lift a title is the best. We will work for it even if it is my last year, but this has just begun. Playing a final is always exciting and it is any gamer’s dream“There is a long way to go and to fit into a final and more so in Europe involves a lot of sacrifice and doing a lot of things well.”

Messi’s goodbye

“Whenever an important footballer leaves, he knows that a pillar is lost. We are talking about the best player of all time, of course we will miss him. The Spanish LaLiga continues to have a maximum demand and we continue to be a world benchmark. Everything continues and great footballers will continue to come and go. “

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