Joe Root: Weather robbed both England and India of exciting final day of first Test

What had promised to be an intriguing ending with India chasing 209 for victory after Root’s century kept England in the game ended in failure at Trent Bridge; Watch the second test between England and India at Lord’s starting Thursday, August 12 at 10am on Sky Sports Cricket.

England captain Joe Root believes the only winner was the weather after the last day of the first Test against India rained at Trent Bridge.

What had promised to be an intriguing ending with India chasing 209 for victory after Root’s century kept England in the game ended in failure.

And while India arguably had a slight lead in needing 157 runs with nine wickets in hand to go 1-0 up in the five-round series, Root believes anything could still have happened.

“The weather has robbed us of what could have been a very entertaining last day,” he said.

“I would have been lying if I hadn’t said India was in the driver’s seat earlier today, but on terrain like that, you get a pair in a group and the game can turn upside down.

“At one point we had a chance of 40 overs, which would have been a delicious ending to what has been a great test match to play.

“We thought we could have pushed for victory today, it’s a shame the weather won today.”

Of England’s 486 runs in the match, Root managed 173 of them with his screen holding a fragile higher order and the team also spilled a series of receptions.

Although the England captain knows his team must improve, he feels there were signs of improvement as the test progressed.

“I think we grew in the game, after the first innings we were way below the level, but with that said, I still think we played very well,” added Root.

“There were some glimpses of what we’re capable of hitting in the second inning and we played with better intentions.

“Obviously we want to score more runs at the top of the order, we want to take advantage of all the opportunities we create and make our life a little easier.

“We know there are things to work on and there are areas where we need to be better and we have to do great runs in the first inning.

“But we are capable of doing it and it is the great partnerships that we did not achieve in the second inning, but I think you saw a better rhythm and I hope we can take that forward to the second test.”

Injuries and Covid restrictions have not helped England find a stable lineup, with Jofra Archer ruled out for the rest of the year as a particular hit.

On Archer’s absence, Root said: “I am absolutely devastated by Jofra (Archer); he has received some harsh criticism that I think is not justified.”

“He has clearly been battling a serious injury and I really hope he can get back in shape and healthy soon.

“At times it seemed like he was in a lot of pain and hopefully he can get through a tough rehab and show everyone how fantastic he is because he’s going to be a serious player for England across the board, there’s no question about that.

“When he’s fit and at his best, he will win a lot of test matches in the future.”

Watch the second round between England and India at Lord’s from Thursday 12th August at 10:00 am at Sky Sports Cricket and Main Event.

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