John Gruden: Derek Carr speaks on the resignation of his Las Vegas Raiders head coach

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Derek Carr: Obviously, a lot of emotion … Didn’t expect all of this. Caught us all by surprise. The day will come for these feelings, but from an emotional point of view, I have a job. ”

Las Vegas Raiders defender Derek Carr has spoken out about the resignation of his head coach John Gruden after he sent offensive emails saying “I love this man, I hate sin.”

Gruden resigned later Monday night, and Carr said he had felt anger, empathy, and nausea over the past week.

“Obviously a lot of emotion,” Carr said. “I didn’t expect all this. Caught us all by surprise. The day will come for these feelings, but emotionally, I have a job.

“Are the conversations still going on? Quite right. Another part of leadership is making sure the guys are okay.

“This is the biggest story in sports right now. You turn on the TV and it goes on. I am sad for our organization, I am sad for our fans ”.

Carr also added to Gruden: “I love this man, but I hate sin.

“No one is perfect, if we just started opening each person’s personal emails and texts, people would start sweating … Hopefully not too much, but maybe now they should be doing this for all coaches, general managers and owners and see what happens. “

Raider attacker Darren Waller also commented on the story, saying that he hopes that Gruden will be given “grace” that will allow him to learn from what he has done.

“I was unpleasant that this was happening. It bothered me a little, ”Waller said before adding: they could have done it.

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