Jordán: “I have grown a lot at Sevilla and I want to continue growing”

Joan Jordan has become, on its own merits, is one of the Sevilla heavyweights. In and out of the grass. His character, hierarchy and leadership have accompanied the Catalan in his career in the Sánchez-Pizjuán, where now he begins his third year, just turned 27, and with the sole thought of taking the next step forward personally and collectively. It is three games away from being centenary in Nervión, which speaks of his weight the first two years under the command of Lopetegui. A Jordan that even gives the profile to be one of the next captains of Sevilla.

“I have spent two very good seasons in Seville. The first one lifting Europa League and qualify for Champions. Last year with the record of points and on the verge of a final of Cup. Very difficult to improve. Very happy with how everything has gone. I have grown a lot since I arrived at Sevilla. My goal is to continue growing, “he declared.”Now comes the most difficult. Continuing to consecrate what we have done. Keep growing as a team and as a club. There are clubs that can win a title on time, but the difficult thing is to consolidate yourself, “he added.


“We have had close to month and a half vacation, which has been good for us on a physical and mental level. We needed clear your mind a little. He missed seeing each other and getting together in the last days. There is a tremendous illusion. This third year is more normal, not so atypical. Our people come back, we need them. Feel them. Live a game preview knowing that they are going to come. To work in the best way so that people are happy. “


“It was a dream to be fighting for LaLiga in the absence of very few days. And we must continue along that line. We are ambitious and we do not close our doors on anything. With the utmost humility, we want to go for everything. “

Locker room

Of the things that we have to take care of the most. The ambient is very good. On a personal level there are very good people in the dressing room. We create the environment that we have created. I arrive Marko (Dmitrovic) and it is one more. We welcome people in the best way because when we arrived they welcomed us that way. “


“He is a great goal. He has grown by leaps and bounds. I think he has done a lot of merit to be here with us. The goal is beautifully covered with Bono and Marko. And to compete. Competition makes us all better. “


“Why not? Last season I sometimes wore the bracelet. It was a dream. It is one of the most beautiful things there is. It would be something very beautiful.

Personal enhancements

“My goal is to choose better and finish better. Choose when to reach the area zone and upload my scoring figures“.


“It is a goal and a dream of any footballer. It doesn’t take away my energy not to go. If I do it right, then at some point they call me. if they don’t, it’s because I have to improve or perfect other things“.

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