Jordán, present and future of Sevilla

Joan Jordan it was one of the first stones he placed Monchi in the first project of his return to Nervión. The Catalan midfielder, two years later, can be considered one of the sports director’s great successes. Has disputed 97 games with the elastic nervionense (50 this last season) and has become one of the untouchables for Julen lopetegui. Its growth in the Sánchez-Pizjuán have placed it on the agendas of major clubs like the Arsenal, although in Seville they intuit that Joan will be the future captain. His personality and commitment are beyond question. And the award for your dedication will not be long in coming.

Because the club, in good harmony with its agents, plans to sit with them as soon as the market calms down, that is, when the normal activity of the competition returns. There is no rush in this regard. The 60 million that mark the clause of the player are a barrier that is difficult to overcome in a market in recession. On the other hand, number 8 has two years ahead. This summer he will turn 27 and Monchi wants to extend his relationship for another year, in a clear gesture of satisfaction with his performance. The player himself has also made it clear on more than one occasion that the only thing that passes through his mind is continuing to grow at Sevilla.

Jordán is one of the few untouchables in Nervión and one of those players with whom you want to keep the hard core of the team, the spine. Next to Diego Carlos (already in talks to renew), Fernando or Ocampos himself, also with the club pending to extend his contract. This does not mean that if an out-of-market offer arrives for any of them they could not leave, but the truth is that they are not expected and it is intended that in their heads there is only the idea of ​​having the best possible season with Sevilla. Let them be focused on their present and not worried about the future.

Changes in the center of the field

Monchi plans to touch all the lines of the team. Once you achieve the desired capital gain, you will begin to pull the strings to strengthen your team. And in the center of the field, the most nurtured line, there will also be changes. Players like Fernando, Rakitic, Papu Gómez or Jordán himself they have a fixed place. Franco Vazquez has come out and it remains to be seen what outputs they may have Óliver Torres and Gudelj. It is not ruled out that they stay if the numbers do not add up, although the desire to step forward also has to do with them. The Seville 21-22 it has not yet taken shape. There are many movements ahead. Of course, the frame is immovable.

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