Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills ‘keeping perspective’ ahead of MNF clash against Tennessee Titans

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Emmanuel Sanders joked this week that he often has to tell Brian Daboll to “go to bed!” when the Buffalo Bills attack coordinator calls him in the evening to describe a new game he just developed for a wide receiver.

Daboll’s offensive, led by Allen, turns into a clash on Monday night with the Tennessee Titans, who are ranked # 1 in the league and # 5 overall, but have yet to hit top form this season.

“It all starts from a defensive position,” Sanders told reporters. “We have a talented quarterback, we have a guy who is smart, a guy with a big hand, a guy who can extend the game, a guy who, obviously, when you’re the defense coordinator, you have to plan it up.

“I think we have a great attack coordinator, he knows how to gain momentum, he and Josh have great chemistry. I’ve talked to him on FaceTime more than any other coach in my career, he’ll be in the jacuzzi and just FaceTime at random, and he and I will catch up in five minutes. I think he and Josh have amazing chemistry.

“When they work together, they are usually on the same wavelength. (General Manager) Brandon Bean and Coach (Sean) McDermott have done a great job getting the right guys to Josh. “

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Allen made 114 of 183 assists (62.3%) for 1,370 yards, 12 touchdowns and two interceptions, as well as a sprint for 188 yards and two points at the start of the Buffalo campaign 4-1.

He reminded everyone why he entered the MVP season in week five when he threw 315 yards and three touchdowns along with a fast-paced touchdown that led the Bills to a 38-20 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in revenge for last year’s AFC. Championship Game defeat.

The five-year-old quarterback added to his main cinematic in the process a stunning fourth-quarter hurdle over L’Jarius Sneed to transform the third and fourth in the fourth quarter, extending the eventual 85-yard journey with 12 games. ended with Sanders’ decisive landing.

“I told him I was going to get rid of my Jordans and go buy Air Allen sneakers,” Sanders said. “That drive was decisive and really showed me who he was, you want to talk about a guy with a Mamba mentality, just like ‘all I have to do to get down and score on this drive is to put the game on.’ away ”, you saw it in him on that trip.

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