Juande, the ‘veteran’ of Sergio Pellicer’s puppies


The youth squad leads a Malaga that aspires to everything, accumulates 38 games with the first team and reviews the trajectory of his ‘litter’

Juande Rivas has become the veteran of the youth squad that saved Málaga from going to Second Division B last year and that he is half done doing it this year as well, in which he is also still involved in the fight to finish reaching the ‘playoffs’. The Cordovan is the oldest (21 years old) of a litter of footballers put on stage by Pellicer.

He has a lot of class and touch of the ball. He helps us all a lot on the field and positions himself well

On midfielder Ramón Enríquez

A group of players who He has been growing since cadets and has reached the first team at the same time. Juande, Ramón, Ismael Casas, Julio, Benítez… the list is extensive. The defender remembers how it all started. “I started out as a forward in futsal. Casanova and Arnau brought me. I came from Seneca and seeing everything that surrounded Málaga seemed spectacular to me.”

The word is claw or strength. Stick your head anywhere for the team. It shows in defense

On the right side Ismael Casas

The central youngster still rubs his eyes when he’s in the locker room. That a group of friends go up practically at the same time to the first team is not normal. “When we went up to the first team together many times we did not believe it”, points out. The defender has already 38 games with Pellicer, with whom he debuted hand in hand just over a year ago.

It is a bullet. He has had a bad time with injuries but he is back with us and I am very happy

On the left side Cristo Romero

Juande explains what he feels. “For me it is an honor to wear the number of the first team. The number ‘5’ has been worn by great players in the history of Malaga such as Viberti or Demichelis”. Life has changed a lot in one year. From starting 2020 with the subsidiary to ending the season with a professional record and sounding for the Under-21.

He’s a finisher. You throw a fridge at him and he finishes it off. He has a goal and hits his back well. Does everything

About Julio Martínez, forward

The central youth speaks with pride of Malaga and his family of friends, “we are lucky”. The defender has become the boss of a generation that Málaga has well tied for the future. Juande, 2023; Ramón, 2024; Ismael Casas, 2023; Christ, 2023 and July, 2022. An armored and hopeful future.

His ‘debut’ was against Atlético

His first game at La Rosaleda was as a ball boy. The Cordovan remembers how he hallucinated when Real Madrid, Barça or Atlético visited Martiricos. “My first game was against Atleti, we won 1-0 with a goal from Charles, unforgettable that day.”

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