Julen Lopetegui: “Tottenham? We have had options …”

Julen Lopetegui is happy at Sevilla. For this reason, he has ignored Tottenham’s siren songs and because he wants to continue raising the competitive level of the Seville team. The Basque coach is the 48th protagonist of ‘El Iceberg’ with Rafa Sahuquillo.

In this #podcastMARCA, Lopetegui reviews his path to the elite, first as a goalkeeper in the Madrid, CD Logroñés, Barça, Rayo, and later, as a coach. His career on the benches is meteoric: Rayo, Castilla, Porto, lower categories of the national team, Absolute selection, Real Madrid and Seville.

In the episode, Sahuquillo asks Julen about the successes of his career, such as the Europa League that he won with the Seville team, but also about the disappointments, such as his unfair and abrupt departure from the national team two days before the debut of the national team in the World Cup in Russia or because of the little patience that Madrid had with him after an irregular start to the season. In addition, the former coach comes out in defense of Luis Enrique and praises the image that Spain gave in its debut against Sweden in this European Championship.

Rafa Sahuquillo invites you to meet ‘El Iceberg’, BRAND podcast

‘The Iceberg’ is the biweekly podcast in which on Thursdays the Editor-in-chief of Radio MARCADiscover the unseen part of athletes’ success. The general public knows his deeds and his titles … but that is only the tip of the iceberg, what stands out on the surface.

Under the ocean there is a whole path of work, suffering, loneliness and troubles that athletes go through until they reach success. They are not blocks of ice. They have feelings, fears, dreams, uncertainties … stories that the protagonists themselves tell to Rafa Sahuquillo in ‘El Iceberg’.

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