Kang In Lee mourns the death of Yoo Sang Cheol, its discoverer and legend of the best Korea ever

ANDl player of the Valencia Kang in lee has not been able to hide his deep regret for the Yoo Sang Cheol’s death -49 years old- one of the heroes of the World Cup in Korea and Japan in 2002 which was also its discoverer. After hanging up his boots, Cheol led the TV show Fly Shoot Dori, in whose edition of 2007 excelled Kangin lee in such a way that he directed his steps towards professional football. These have been the first memories that the current player of Valencia has expressed in a sense message through your Instagram profile.

“I had 7 years, and when I was innocent with just him I dream of being a soccer player, I met the coach […] And he was the first person that I am grateful for teaching me fun of football. So, I was very young, but when it comes to football, he always gave me serious and profound lessons. I think those teachings they were a significant first step in my football life“explains Kangin Lee.

“I’m very sorry you fclose before I can give you back the great gift you gave me, “he adds on his Instagram account with a photo in which he appears as a child hitting a ball in front of Yoo with the caption “The first teacher of my football life”. Then he added, “With what the coach did for me, I will also have a bright future and continued development for Korean football. I will try my best. I think the greatest joy I can give the coach it’s working harder and becoming a better player. Look at it from where you are now. ”

The Korean soccer legend couldn’t fulfill his wish to see Kang In Lee in a game in a packed stadium, like revealed a few months ago. Sick of cancer since the end of 2019, Cheol confessed to the Valencia player through a documentary his dream of being able to see him play a soccer game in Europe. Was a very emotional dialogue via videoconference: “If the teacher was not sick, I really wanted to go to Spain. I would like to see you play, watch the training and see you live, “he told her. Yoo Sang Cheol also dreamed of becoming Korea national coach and to be able to train again a Kang In Lee already established as an international footballer. In fact, before the disease is detected he was the coach of Incheon United, Kangin Lee’s hometown team.

Kangin Lee, with Korea and awaiting his future

Kang-in Lee is found cfocused on the Korean Olympic team in Jeju to dispute some preparation matches on June 12 and 15. The Valencia player is one of those who has the transferable sign in Valencia every time contract ends next season and ha rthrown out the renewal offers raised by the club since last summer.

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