Kansas City Chiefs offense primed to roll out Mecole Hardman edition

Mekol Hardman has stood the test of patience since landing in the NFL, but now it looks like he intends to play an expanded role in the attack of the Kansas City chiefs as he approaches his third year.

From undercover to coveted, Mekol Hardman steps into 2021 vying for promotion from Kansas City’s underground cameraman to being among the boys of the Most Wanted leaders’ posters.

Receiving the ball as host for the Chiefs can be exciting; getting the ball as host for the Chiefs can also be a challenge when your name is different from Tyrick and Travis, who claim an aggregate 11,580 reception yards and 85 touchdown catches over the past five regular seasons.

Hardman knows this better than anyone. But, having bought into the test of patience, now he could be rewarded with the next phase of his development. The Mecole Hardman project is underway.

Hotels and restaurants stage their soft openings to test the water and tease the end results; Executives are hiding the finer details of their Hardman edition for now, shedding light on the incredible speed and brutality of run after catch, while continuing to work to play a prominent role in the attack.

Hardman has played less than 50 percent of snaps in each of his first two seasons, 44.86 percent in rookie year as he recorded 26 catches per 538 yards, 20.7 yards per catch and six touchdowns, followed by 45.28 percent in 2020. year, during which he posted 41 receptions at 560 yards, 13.7 yards per haul and four points, as his production lacked the thorn that some might have expected. Eight drops last season didn’t help his cause either.

But with the continued contributions of Hill and Kelsey, no radical transformation was foreseen between Year 1 and Year 2. And this should not be a cause for concern.

Very often, Hardman has been able to open up, but was reminded that he is playing a quarterback in Patrick Mahomes who can trust his hand talent to hit the field or take risky throws outside of the script in motion to arms in Hill and Kelch with the division of the elite and the contested skill of the catch to pull them out.

The desire for immediacy was fueled by comparisons after Hill’s draft. Hardman ran 30 yards in 4.33, Hill 4.29; both are from Georgia; both 5 feet 10 inches. There were similarities, but it would be unfair to expect the reformed full-back to waltz and rival the numbers of his fellow speedster. It needed work and Andy Reed knew it.

“I feel like myself, you know?” Hardman said in May 2019 when asked how he fits Hill. “I think I am Mekol Hardman. I think I can do what I want. “

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