Kayseri Basketball renews its contract with head coach Ayhan Avcı


Kayseri Basketball, one of the teams of the Women’s Basketball Super League, signed a 2-year contract with head coach Ayhan Avcı.

Ahmet Bozbey, the sports director of the club, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they have reached an agreement for the next 2 seasons with Ayhan Avcı, who has been working in Kayseri for many years and has accomplished important works in the development of women’s basketball in the city.

Stating that they signed a new 2-year contract with Avcı, whom they agreed in principle at the meeting since the end of the season, Bozbey said, “We are extremely happy that we agreed with our teacher. The effort he gave to women’s basketball and our team in Kayseri is obvious. Now Kayseri has become the home of our teacher. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to agree. The team claimed him, that team claimed Kayseri. ” used the expressions.

Reminding that they had the same structure as Avcı but with different club names, they had success from success and announced the names of Kayseri and Turkey in the finals in Europe, Bozbey said:

“We witnessed unforgettable moments together with Ayhan Hodja in Kayseri. We played the final of the FIBA ​​European Cup 3 times. We played the final of the Turkish league once. He played an important role in raising a large number of players for the national team. In the coming seasons, again, an assertive way to compete in every field. We will be a team. Because there was always a claim where Ayhan Hodja is. We will continue to make basketball fans watch good games in Kayseri under the leadership of Ayhan Avcı. May this agreement be beneficial to both sides. “

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