Kenan Kodro: “It was worth coming to Valladolid”

The Real Valladolid striker analyzed his situation on Radio Marca and talked about the Cup final between Athletic and Barcelona

Qperhaps in his best moment of the season, as he himself admits, Kenan kodro has taken advantage of the numerous injuries in the Real Valladolid to gain a foothold in the starting lead. After two good games, the striker had no more luck to see how one of the two stringers in which his shots ended turned into a goal. In a weekend without competition for him Pucela, the Basque will be very aware of the final of Copa del Rey between Barcelona and the club that has yielded to Valladolid lands, the Athletic.

Question: How is everything going? I imagine there will be a desire to play this weekend, but it will not be possible …

Answer: We will have to wait a bit … Above, when things are not going quite well, you want the next game to arrive as soon as possible.

Q: Even so, you will look askance at your opponents’ League matches.

A: Yes, although the most important thing is to think about ourselves. There is a desire for the Elche party to arrive to be able to vindicate ourselves.

Q: Because of your last starts, has it been worth it to come on loan from Athletic?

A: Yes, I think so. It is true that in Bilbao a unique opportunity began, with two finals in the same year, which are never played. But my intention was to be happy and I wanted to play. It took me a bit to get into the team, but I have already seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

Q: The thing about the two stringers in the last games was a matter of centimeters …

A: That is, but I keep the time played. For the striker, having chances is positive. There is no need to regret because the goal will come.

Q: We have seen you finish on goal, but also other types of work. Do you consider yourself more of a center forward or second striker?

A: We play 4-4-2 and we forwards have a certain freedom. I am an attacker and I always want to see the goal. I like to associate with my teammates and I think it is better for a forward to enter from the second row.

Q: Position partners are recovering. More competition …

A: It is positive that people keep coming back. The more competition there is, the better. It is also positive that the four forwards are hungry and available. I think it’s the time of the season when I feel the best. If I’m honest, I hope to keep playing.

Q: Have these two starts been very different than coming off the bench to defend the result?

A: When you start playing, you have more options and you touch the ball more. When I have entered the second parts playing 10-15 minutes, what you have to do is help the team to the fullest. If you have to defend, you will have to defend. In the end, everything is for the benefit of the team.

Q: You mentioned the latter a few days ago in the press room. Do you think it was not understood?

A: The message was quite clear. Everyone can think what they want and all opinions are respectable. Difficult matches are being presented to us where we are proposing a game and we get the score in favor. Yes it is true that in the last minutes negative situations have been repeated that we do not want to repeat. If we have to be defending for 90 minutes so that they despair and we can go against it, we will have more options.

Q: Anyway, several of your teammates have recently commented that the improvement of the team came from playing a bit more advanced. Do you agree?

A: We feel much better pressing up. I think it was seen in the game against Sevilla, that we stood up to them and played them from you to you. We also did it at the Camp Nou, in a few minutes against Celta and the other day against Granada. In the end, if we propose and push them up, we will have more options and for the forwards it is more positive.

Q: Where do you put the permanence cutoff?

A: There are teams that have it easier than others and there are teams that will be down there. We have to think about ourselves, but we will be watching the Elche match in Pamplona. On Wednesday we have a final and we are focused on it.

Q: What do you think of the change in the calendar and the advancement of matchday 33 except for Pucela?

A: They may arrive more tired, but we have more time to prepare for the game. If Osasuna beats them, it can create doubts.

Q: How many victories do you think must be achieved for salvation?

A: I don’t know, but winning the Elche match will bring us very close to the goal.

Q: Have you had time to get to know something about the city?

A: I am quite homey, but I have already known part. It is cozy and pretty. I usually go out with my colleagues for a drink and a walk. I also play a lot of golf.

Q: Where does golf come from?

A: Well, from my father (Meho Kodro). He plays a lot and since I was little I have played with him. It has become my number one hobby.

Q: Do you keep in touch with him a lot?

A: Yes, it follows us a lot. We talk a lot about the training sessions and the games. Now that I’m playing more, we try to correct things. He has never been a person who has put pressure on me, he has left me room to grow. Even before, he did not like to talk after games, but already cold, days later.

Q: Your father watches your games … And you, have you seen his games during his time as a footballer?

A: Well, not complete because he was very young, but all his goals in Spain were on video.

Q: Those games, those goals … Is that the reason why you became a forward too?

A: It can be. I have always liked being close to the area, scoring goals and celebrating them.

Q: There is something that stands out about your career. In addition to Bilbao and Valladolid, in the last three years you have been to German Mainz, Swiss Grasshoppers and Danish Copenhagen. Are there too many teams and countries or does everything help you grow?

A: Maybe they are. I would like to have a little more stability and be in a team for two or three years, but each one has its own way. Soccer has these things and every step you take is welcome.

Q: You belong to Athletic … How do you see the Cup final?

R. Against Real, the team was quite touched because there was a lot of hope to be a unique game. But now there is a second chance and it must be seen as something exciting. Although Barcelona is the favorite, it will be totally different. I hope to see a competitive team and that I can win the game.

Q: If Athletic takes the title, do you feel it is a bit yours too?

A: Yes, although in the end I am gone. You don’t feel like I’m 100% involved, but I’m still part of that group and I’ll have to come back in the summer.

Q: Who do you have the most relationship with in the Athletic dressing room?

A: Well, almost daily, with Raúl García. He is the one I get along with best on and off the field. He is probably the best person I have ever met in the world of football.

Q: You were born in San Sebastián, but you belong to Athletic. Your father played for Real and for Barça … Is your heart divided in these Cup finals?

A: What a mix … (laughs). I 100%, to death, I go with Athletic. What he thinks, you have to ask him.

Q: Finally, a result for the Cup final?

A: 2-1 for Athletic.

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