Kerem Tunceri: I am happy to return to Galatasaray

Kerem Tunceri, who was appointed as the general director of Galatasaray, one of the ING Basketball Super League teams, by leaving his position as the Manager of the National Men’s Basketball Team, thanked the federation officials and stated that he was happy to return to Galatasaray.

Kerem Tunceri, who left his position as the Manager of the National Men’s Basketball Team, which he has undertaken since 2016, published a message from his social media account.

Tunceri, who will continue his career as general director at Galatasaray, gave the following statements in his message:

“I would like to inform the public that I have resigned from my position as the Men’s National Team Manager, which I have been running in the Turkish Basketball Federation since 2016. As the male basketball player who sweats the A National Team jersey the most, I retired to the national team; It has been a great honor for me to return as team manager at his invitation.

As I leave my job, I would like to thank our President Hidayet Türkoğlu, the members of the board of directors of our federation, my colleagues, our coaches who work in our national team, our technical, administrative and health personnel and all our national team athletes.

Today, to serve our national values ​​and our national team in another field; I am happy to return to my childhood, to my first team, which I started playing in basketball, and to my FATHER’S HERITAGE Galatasaray Sports Club. We will work hard to establish a basketball organization worthy of the Galatasaray Community and its values, and we will continue to honor our club.”

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