Kiğılı sponsored the Macedonian Basketball National Team and the Olympic Committee

Kiğılı, Turkey’s men’s clothing brand, which has shown an exemplary stance in the sector by supporting the development of sports and athletes for years, has signed an important agreement by undertaking the sponsorship of Macedonian Basketball National Team and Macedonian Olympic Committee.

Pero Antic, President of the Basketball Federation and former basketball player of Fenerbahçe Men’s Basketball Team, and Hilal Suerdem, CEO of Kiğılı, attended the signing ceremony held in Macedonia. While the Macedonian Basketball National Team and Olympic Committee entrusted their elegance to Kiğılı, Hilal Suerdem emphasized the importance of cooperation and said that they would continue to support sports in the Balkans.


Kiğılı CEO Hilal Suerdem, who stated that they support teams in Turkey as well as abroad in terms of sponsorship and that this support will increasingly continue, said, “Macedonia is our sister country, we have a close relationship both culturally and geographically. We are very happy to reinforce our team as the official clothing sponsor of the team. As Turkey’s largest men’s clothing brand, we are signing a good cooperation, I wish good luck for both sides of our agreement. Football and basketball are the most popular and watched most popular brands in the world. In addition to being an important sports branch, it has a very important place that brings different cultures from different countries together. We have been showing an exemplary stance in the sector by doing our best for the development of sports and athletes for years. At the same time, we see this as a social responsibility duty. Not only in our country. We continue to work in the global arena as well. We do our best and we attach great importance to the Balkan countries. Our cultural and geographical proximity to Macedonia is a great advantage. In addition to Macedonia, we will continue our investments in Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. It is a great honor for our country and for us that a Turkish brand sponsors the Macedonian Basketball National Team. I wish good luck to our cooperation and success to the Macedonian Basketball National Team. We are a brand that always stands by sports and athletes. We support our teams abroad as well as in our country, and we will continue to do so. Seeing and contributing to the success of our teams increases our happiness and pride. I wish success to all our players and wish them continued success.”

Kiğılı CEO Hilal Suerdem reminded that Chairman of the Board of Directors Abdullah Kiğılı is one of the most important people who contributed to the sports community for many years by serving as the chairman of the Turkish Football Federation and the vice chairman of Fenerbahçe, while Abdullah Kiğılı broadcast a video message with remote access, “Macedonia”. “I wished to be in sports, but unfortunately I’m sorry that I couldn’t be here, I hope I will come to visit you some other time. I send my greetings to everyone. We stand out with the support we give to sports and athletes in the world. Kiğılı’s support for sports will continue without interruption as long as we exist.”


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